Rain: Sometimes your boots will get some rain drops on them and leave some spots marked on your boots, let these spots dry and then you can just rub the skin where the spots are and the marks will go away.

Water resisting: We recommend using a waterproofing spray before wearing your new sheepskin boots as a way to prolong the life of the boots and to protect them from water, dirt and some oils. Use our water resistant spray.

Cleaning: We recommend you wet the boots with cold water on the affected areas trying not to soak the whole thing. We recommend using our approved shampoo and conditioner on a soft sponge or toothbrush. Once done rinse off excess soap and let the boots dry naturally. You can reshape your boots while they dry by stuffing with butchers paper.

White chalk: Lightly rubbing white chalk on some stains, letting settle for a few minutes then rubbing the affected area is a good trick to get stains out.


DO NOT dry in direct sunlight

DO NOT use a heater or dryer to dry the boots.

DO NOT dry clean

DO NOT use any chemicals that are not approved.


Look after your UGG boots & they will look after you!